Summer in the Amazon Basin

Hello to all,

As I being to make preparations for my Charles Center International Research trip, I thought I would open with a post about my trip and the purpose of my research.

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My Summer in Korea!


My name is Anushya Ramaswamy, and I am a Junior – double major in IR and Chinese. This summer, I am tackling the issue of elite education in Korea, specifically Yonsei University in Seoul. So essentially, my research surrounds the question: why is it that only education at one of the 4 elite universities in the country provides the credentials for success? Within my research, I would like to specifically study the relationship between higher education at an elite university and its effect on related perceptions of future success and social mobility.

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Energy Shifts: Why we’re using what we’re using.

Hello All!

My name is Devin Braun, and I’m a rising junior at the College. I am a Government and Environmental Policy double major, so I’m very interested in the future policy course our nation’s energy consumption takes. To do this, one must have a sense of the socio-historical background of our energy consumption and how we’ve gotten to be the society of hydrocarbons that we are. The implications of our hydrocarbon use have linkages to environmental science, sociology, economics, and international politics.

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I’m very excited to be returning to Vietnam this summer to conduct not one but two research projects funded by the Charles Center. It’s been three years since my first trip to Vietnam, and I expect this one will be much different, especially because I’ll be traveling on my own for most of the trip.

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