My Summer in Korea!


My name is Anushya Ramaswamy, and I am a Junior – double major in IR and Chinese. This summer, I am tackling the issue of elite education in Korea, specifically Yonsei University in Seoul. So essentially, my research surrounds the question: why is it that only education at one of the 4 elite universities in the country provides the credentials for success? Within my research, I would like to specifically study the relationship between higher education at an elite university and its effect on related perceptions of future success and social mobility.

It seems this problem affects most countries, especially in Asia. I know for a fact that India suffers from the same problem – where education only at certain universities leads to a perceived notion of guaranteed future success and social mobility. It’s a serious problem as unraveling this empirical puzzle could perhaps shed some light on why Korea sees fit to marginalize huge segments of the population who did not study at an elite institution, as well as the bigger question, why is Korea continuing this behavior when the consequences are none other than stunted growth?

I am really excited, not only to carry out my research, but also since I have heard Seoul is an absolutely wonderful city!

I have my ticket, and can’t wait to be there!!!

Anushya ~


  1. Hi Anushya,
    I am sure Yonsei should be a good place for your research and you will have a good time while you are there!