Summer 2010, here I come!

This summer I’d be doing some research related to … well, just about everything. I will be using computer science as a tool to analyze and trace Facebook friends list, and try to derive a generic description for all such social networks, which in turn is interesting to graph theory of Math, Communication of Public Policy and Sociology, and one subfield or another in your department of choice.

I will, after the summer takes full swing, update everyone on how I’m doing as well as how I’m doing the research, providing all perspective researchers a glimpse into the wonderful, fun and challenging summer research life. I will, as per Charles Center’s request, focus more on the how than the what. For those of you who might be interested in the “what”, feel free to leave comments and ask questions, and I’d love to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Of course, I will probably benefit from your insights and obviously I’d welcome that with all my heart.

That’s it, for now. Wait for my next post!