Energy Efficiency in China

Hey everyone,

My name is Austin Strange and I am a junior at The College. This summer I will be splitting time between Williamsburg and Beijing researching the incentives system for investing in efficient energy sources in China. I am hopeful that my project will yield some useful results– it is multidisciplinary in nature, and involves economic analysis as well as studying the unique Chinese context that energy policies exist in.

China is very energy intensive (it exhausts a lot of energy for every unit of output) relative to developed economies, and given its enormous size, China’ energy policy has huge consequences for all of us. Moreover, many countries have recently encouraged “Going green” and have enacted new policies providing incentives for renewable energy investment and other types of energy efficiency investments. I will be examining the theoretical economic effects of these new policies while trying to be aware of the distinct national setting in which they are taking place. This multidisciplinary approach may help explain less tangible factors that are hard to measure but still have significant effects on the development of efficient energy production.

I will be in Williamsburg until the end of July working on an IR research team and using databases through Swem to start my research project. In August I’ll head to Beijing.

It should be a busy but rewarding summer. Thanks!