Oral Histories of Women Activists in Russia


I’m Jacob Lassin and I am a member of the Class of 2012 and Government and Russian and Post-Soviet Studies double major.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend my summer in St. Petersburg, Russia doing research on the Women’s Movement in Russia as a Chappell Fellow. . Over the course of the summer I will be interviewing three women, a film director, a film scholar and a poet and activist who were all crucial members of the women’s movement there.  I have been working closely with Professor Alexander Prokhorov to figure out the best way to gather more information about the Russian women’s movement  Sadly, their work has been largely ignored and many do not seem to even care in Russia, making it even more important that I help to make people aware of their efforts to make women’s rights an issue in the forefront of people’s minds.

In my research I will be taking interviews from these women in order to preserve their thoughts on the movement before they are lost forever.  In the late Soviet and early post-Soviet period there was great promise for women to achieve more equality and have issues pertaining to them finally addressed.  However, since then the government has taken little initiative and the population itself gives little though to women’s issues Even amongst Russian scholars little attention is paid to these women’s service and only a few Western scholars have researched their work.  I hope to add to the little that exists so more people understand the great struggles and sacrifices of these women.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to going to Russia and beginning my work.



  1. Morrison Mast says:

    Looking forward to hearing some of your stories man

  2. mikecohen says:

    sounds very interesting, also look forward to hearing more.