‘Burg Sweet ‘Burg

Hello!  My name is Sarah Son, a rising senior majoring in Psychology. 

I have been fascinated by the field of psychology, nutrition, and gastronomy since I learned the value of guiding children to develop a healthy appetite from my own childhood experiences.  I am involved in Collegiate Awareness Regarding Eating Smart (CARES) on campus, which serves to raise awareness on healthy eating habit and eating disorder.  I will be working at the Eating Behavior and Child Development Center with Professor Forestell to study Flavor-Taste/Flavor-Calorie Conditioning in Children.  The project seeks to examine the behavioral learning associated with sweet taste preference. 

In the procedure, the participants will be given two types of drinks—sweetened tea with sugar or noncaloric sweetener (CS+) and  unsweetened tea (CS-)—, and the preference between the two flavors will be tested.  Mothers will be given questionnaires about their food choices, eating habits, and food restriction to see the influence of the parental role model. 

I’m excited that this study will be a basis to many developmental psychology relevant to public heatlh and nutrition research , which is the line of study I am interested in persuing.  I intend to study childhood obesity and diebetes pertinent to sweetness preference acquisition in graduate school so I hope this sumemr will be an awesome learning experience!