My name is Ishita Ahmed and I am a rising senior majoring in International Relations and Economics.  My research this summer will contribute to understanding what education incentive programs should be supported to encourage children in Bangladesh to attend school over joining the labor force.  I am particularly interested in this because as a  Bangladeshi, I have been a firsthand witness to the poverty that forces children to join the labor force to support their families and would like to work towards finding solutions that promote education and greater opportunities for these children.

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Literary History of Cornwall-Post 1

Hello fellow summer scholars! My name is Mel Sparrow. I’m a rising senior majoring in Psychology and English. I’m bringing together two of my favorite things, England and books, to research the literary history of Cornwall. My research will focus specifically on the questions: how do Cornish culture and geography support supernatural stories? how are Cornish settings and characters distinct from those of neighboring countries? how has the representation of Cornwall in literature changed over time?

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