Cricket Frog Search is on!!

Hello everyone!

I am back in the ‘Burg and the Cricket Frog research has just kicked off! I’ve moved into my temporary housing off campus until dorms open up…got a nice little room in a house on Jamestown road.  I also went grocery shopping becuase i am cooking for myself.

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Pottery of J. Palin Thorley

Hi everybody, I’m Nick Wamsley and I will be carrying out my research on the authenticity of works attributed to J. Palin Thorley.  Thorley is a world-renowned potter who was born in England, but came to America to work in the mid-20th Century.  He worked for several major ceramics companies, and eventually settled in Williamsburg as the primary ceramics maker in Colonial Williamsburg.  Thorley was a master of many types of pottery and patterns, ranging from classic techniques and styles to more innovative modern patterns.

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