Why My Project Fascinates Me

I remember my first day in Paris. I told you about it a little. I walked all over without knowing where I was or where I was going. I had a vague idea that I wanted to have a Real French Meal at one of the big, old- fashioned restaurants around Les Halles. I worked at a restaurant in DC called Brasserie Les Halles (of Tony Bourdain fame) so it seemed like a symbolic enough goal. I wasn’t aware at the time how silly the idea of walking from Auteuil to Les Halles was. It must have been something like 10 kilometers the way I zigged and zagged from the Eiffel Tower to the Champs Elysées, from the Latin Quarter to Sebastopol. I would wander for ten minutes, look up, see the Louvre, and think, “Oh, that’s it…” I saw half the city on that walk and blamed everything from hunger to fatigue to overstimulation for why the city I had waited so long to see wasn’t knocking me off my feet the way I expected it to.

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Thinking ahead while in Rome

So, I’m currently at the heart of it all, Rome. Although I’m plenty busy with journal entries, site tours, and eating fantastic food, I’ve been thinking about my honors project and what my summer goals will be. I’m trying to figure out the best way to quantify some of the information I will be gathering from the students, specially their primary major and previous experience with other romance languages. What if the combination of being a math major and having taken four years of Italian is the perfect background to excel in Latin? I say math major because it seems to me off the top to be the best with dealing with systematic languages, but maybe science majors would do better? I don’t know, that’s really a secondary thing because primarily I am working towards helping all students smoothly get through the first year material. Here’s some of my goals for the end of the summer. [Read more…]

On your mark, get set, research!

Yesterday I moved into Jamestown for my summer research and after setting up my books and shopping at Bloom to provision myself for the next couple weeks, I’m ready to formally begin my summer research on ‘Tribe-State Relations in Iraq from 1991-2006’

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