Thinking ahead while in Rome

So, I’m currently at the heart of it all, Rome. Although I’m plenty busy with journal entries, site tours, and eating fantastic food, I’ve been thinking about my honors project and what my summer goals will be. I’m trying to figure out the best way to quantify some of the information I will be gathering from the students, specially their primary major and previous experience with other romance languages. What if the combination of being a math major and having taken four years of Italian is the perfect background to excel in Latin? I say math major because it seems to me off the top to be the best with dealing with systematic languages, but maybe science majors would do better? I don’t know, that’s really a secondary thing because primarily I am working towards helping all students smoothly get through the first year material. Here’s some of my goals for the end of the summer.

  • Compile the questionnaire and permission forms for the first day
  • Get access to the class’s BB site
  • Split my guide into separate chapters and upload them by chapter to BB
  • Add some of the great pictures I’ve taken of Rome to the guide
  • Determine if there are distinct schools of how to teach Latin, coming up with a pros and cons for each and well as a personal analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each with today’s classroom in mind
  • If there are none, or there is no real dynamic about preferences, find opinions on why

My advisor (new one, I switched) tells me there isn’t much action in the Classics regarding updating teaching methods and such, so I’m both excited and extremely nervous to start exploring.


  1. Hmmm…sounds interesting. Will you be dividing any of the students up by some of their personal study habits as well? While certain majors may be predisposed to do well in Latin, I feel like good or bad study habits, and general academic aptitude may strongly influence the results.

    I have to agree that science majors/ math majors will show a particular aptitude for Latin, but I’d also like to throw in a good word for other language majors, Philosophy, and pre-law, because all three disciplines strongly promote logic and general reasoning skills as part of their core curricula.