Programming, Designing, writing and Presenting

So research is fully underway already. Since I’m lucky enough to have an old project from last summer to finish up in addition to the new one, I’m at a particular stage of the game where I am simultaneously designing protocols for new projects, programing preliminary code, at the same time reviewing old code so that I can finish writing the paper on the old project, all the while running around campus to give presentations on it…busy, confusing, but lots of fun.

Since this blog is supposed to be more about the PROCESS of researching rather than academia, I think my interesting, time-less experience right now is perfect for those of you thinking about doing research. I am at the moment quite familiar with the various stages of a research project, because I am simultaneously at all of them at once. Depending on your personality, maybe the “doing” part of research is not that difficult, but writing up a paper could be a pain; maybe you can write pages upon pages with ease, but too shy to confidently present it in front of a large group of audience. Or, just maybe, you are extroverted to the extreme, and presentation is the best part of it all, but you wonder if you will ever get to present anything given how slow your project is coming and how inconsistent your results look. Worry now, we all have strengths and weaknesses, and at the end of the day, just about everyone I know doing research feel accomplished with a thing or two to show-and-tell, and looking back at the wonderful summer experience we all find it worthwhile.