Starting in the marine lab

Today is my fourth day in Maine.   We aren’t going out into the field today since there is a thunderstorm and tornado warning.  I suppose digging around in the ocean during a tornado might not be the safest idea, so I’m ok with staying in.  Brunswick is a little boring when you can’t go outside though.  It’s a pretty town with beautiful ocean accesses all around and woods everywhere.  There aren’t too many activities other than that that we have discovered yet though.

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News from the Underground (Swem)

Hello Summer Researchers!

This is Devin Braun reporting. I got to Williamsburg this past Monday, June 7, and have settled in with all the finest accommodations Ludwell has to offer! To review, my project is evaluating why the U.S. has shifted emphasis between hydrocarbon energy sources (oil, natural gas, and coal) when it has (I’ve found this to be a great introduction at parties!).

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