Inquiring minds and unchartered territory

“Oh, what are you doing in the ‘burg this summer?”

It’s definitely the question of the week. Professors ask. Friends ask. Tour groups ask.  And I answer it with enthusiasm, as the start of this research is only sparking more and more interest for me! Ok, sometimes eyes glaze over in my introduction when I get to the alphabet soup of ETA and FARC, but I could discuss this all day.

Discuss, and search, as well. With the million plus volumes of Swem, the nearly endless news sources, the PDF files of Government briefings… originally I felt swamped by the possibilities. However, of note is the distinct lack of scholarly analysis of the connections between these entities (to remind everyone: Chavez’s Venezuela, ETA, and FARC). I realize that as this came into the news once again in March, there has only been a small bit of time for such publication, but as an undergraduate conditioned to draw analysis from published essays, this is wandering into unknown territory.

But at least that territory seems to have some signals to direct me. The economic connections lurking in the back of this picture are of note- for example, those of Spanish businesses Telefonica and Repsol in Venezuela, which Chavez himself noted would suffer should relations between Spain and Venezuela worsen over an unwillingness to cooperate. What role do these businesses have in just how politely Madrid addresses Caracas? How much does Venezuelan oil influence the need for answers?

These and so many other questions are scrawled in my notebook for the answering. But I’m excited to be able to elborate my answer to that ‘question of the week’ even more as time goes on… heads up to the unsuspectingly curious!