Pax5 Research


So, summer has officially started.  I have been back at school for four weeks now trying to work on my gene expression study.  Unfortunately, due to machine issues, I have produced very little data.  Friday I was able to successfully run two plates, but other than that I have been spending the majority of my time troubleshooting the machine and reading papers.  It has been nice getting to catch up on my reading and in the process I have learned a great deal about developments in the field.  However, I am ready and waiting for the machine to be fixed so that I can start getting usable data.  Instead of simply complaining about dealing with the broken machine, I should mention that troubleshooting has definitely enabled me to gain the skills necessary to obtain reproducible results.  So, I am sitting here in lab (on this very warm first day of summer) waiting for the machine to be fixed…yet again…using my time to read and catch up on my blogging and hoping that soon the machine will be truly fixed.