Life in the lab

Things are set up pretty well for my research.   We’ve collected over 50 sand dollars and have successfully started spawning them.  We’ve pretty much worked out the preliminary details and gotten the kinks worked out of the experimental design.  Unfortunately, lately, right when I think I can start getting more data, something breaks.  For instance the water heaters stopped working, the stirring rack broke, the thermometers went missing, and the algae died all over the past weekend.   Every impediment has just been a minor one thankfully.  It usually complicates the data I collect that day, but nothing major has happened.

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First Experiences with Spinach and Potatoes

Hello everyone!

It has only been two weeks since I first started working in Professor Forestell’s lab but it has already been productive and engaging. The first couple of days I spent getting acquainted with the lab protocols including how to recruit, run the study, and code the data. I usually begin my day by making phone calls to local residents about possibly participating in the study. We’ve already had 2 mothers come into the labs at William and Mary and Norfolk State University, which will be running the study in conjunction with us, and we’ve already scheduled 5 for the next 2 weeks! We also recently put up a bunch of flyers around the shops and restaurants in Merchant Square, including the Cheese Shop, Baskin-Robbins, Aroma’s, Retro’s, and Short-Stop Deli, in hopes that the large crowds will bring in participants! We also have posted fliers around town in some favorite local haunts such as Rita’s, Maggie Moo’s, Sal’s, Hancock’s Fabrics, and Sno-to-Go. So keep an eye out for those when you’re out on the town!

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Back from Nicaragua

A lot has happened since my last installment.  Most importantly, our research group has safely returned from Cuje, Nicaragua, plenty of data in hand.

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