Next Few Days Around Phnom Penh

The organization for which I am volunteering held their quarterly staff meeting this week. I feel the meeting will prove to be a good indication of how the organization operates – with good purpose but without decisiveness. After struggling through this half-English, half-Khmer indecisiveness, I was rewarded with a sort of barbeque. The barbeque introduced me to the Cambodian staff, as well as an assortment of new fruits – both important introductions in my relationship with Khmer culture.

I spent the next few days helping to paint one of the schools with some of the students and staff, and was rewarded with a chance to interview the staff for my research. The interviews went well, and I focused mostly on the organization’s relationship with its government. While everyone I interviewed was helpful and happy to talk with me, I felt a sense of caution when talking to a few about upcoming legislation on associations.

With a few interviews under my belt, I made two side trips around Cambodia. I visited the killing fields – a grim trip, and wandered around Kampot Province – a lot more pleasant. Returning to Phnom Penh, getting around is much easier now, as I now know a few landmarks around my apartment. Next week looks both promising and challenging, as I will start teaching tomorrow at one of the schools