conference trip

My research for this summer is mainly SEIR model. It is a biomath model describing how various kinds of diseases are spread among groups of people. The population is divided into 4 groups by this model, S is the susceptible group, E is exposed, I infected and R recovered.

However, my first part of the summer is more about getting a bigger picture about whats going on about dynamical system, which also contains part of biomath.

I went to The Fourth International Conference on Recent Advances
in Applied Dynamical Systems in Jinhua, China with Prof. Shi and two other wm students. The conference focused on dynamical system which is pretty useful in SEIR model. The different sessions about many advanced research focus inspired me on possible future work. Like maybe I can work on how those different groups in SEIR interact or try to find more examples that have specific biological meanings.

And during the conference, there was a poster session where I had my poster presented. It was really helpful. Many scholars asked questions about my paper  and many of those questions were quite interesting. They may not be experts in SEIR model so they showed me other ways to look at my model and examples in the paper.