Research Update #3

I spent the fourth week of June finish establishing the baseline PLAS model. It was a simple work but was tedious and the work required few hours to finish writing flux equations and systems equations. To run the model in PLAS program better, there were minor changes removing few unnecessary reactions to simplify the model.

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Some minor setbacks

Hello passengers, this is your captain speaking. We are experiencing some  minor turbulence, please fasten your seatbelts and remain seated.  All attempts at being funny aside, the project assessing the duration of a certain bacteriophage’s phase of infectivity is experiencing some tiny (but annoying) setbacks. First of all, let me bring you up to speed.

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Mentions of Kreymborg

“The best thing that could happen for the good of poetry in the United States today would be for someone to give Alfred Kreymborg a hundred thousand dollars. In his mind there is the determination for freedom brought into relief by a crabbedness of temper that makes him peculiarly able to value what is being done here.”

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Work is underway!

So, summer work has borne fruit!  I’ve successfully cloned the first discrete region of my protease into an overexpression vector (sequence analysis pending, of course).  Additionally, I have putative, unconfirmed clones for the remaining three regions, and am currently working on cloning a catalytically dead version of the active site.  Molecular cloning has proven frustrating, with periods of stagnation in which nothing works, but all told, it’s incredibly rewarding when you find you’ve created a useful tool.  I keep reminding myself, however, that this cloning is only tool building, and when I’ve harvested the protein I need, I’ll still have a series of molecular binding assays to conduct.  Hope everyone else’s work is going well!

The False Dichotomy of Autonomy

It is indubitable that the Virginia Restructuring Act gave W&M significantly higher financial autonomy. W&M can now better control its revenues. Educationally speaking, controlling revenues is often tantamount to controlling costs. Therefore, controlling one implies controlling profit. This syllogism is not the only manifestation of enhanced financial autonomy for W&M. The university also now stipulates its own financial goals through the advent of the six year plan.

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