Research Update #3

I spent the fourth week of June finish establishing the baseline PLAS model. It was a simple work but was tedious and the work required few hours to finish writing flux equations and systems equations. To run the model in PLAS program better, there were minor changes removing few unnecessary reactions to simplify the model.

When I first tried to run the PLAS, I kept having errors that resulted in incomplete running. Then I assigned values for concentrations of variables and rate constants by comparing values from the literatures and other PLAS models. After examining model and mathematically describing all the reactions by assigning the appropriate numbers to the rate constant, concentrations of independent, and dependent variables, I ran my analysis and was surprised to see the result that looked okay.  Then I spent rest of the week examing the analysis whether each species behaved as I expected. I also tinkered around with the constants, initial values, and other values to establish appropriate relative values.

I hope to examine the diseased state by changing rate constants of some reactions next week.