On the Protean Nature of the Archaeological Project

This week defies a nice, tidy summary. It’s been all over the place as funding, permissions, equipment, and people have slowly come together. That’s the thing about archaeological projects – even if things are going to work out, sometimes you don’t know until it’s right down to the wire. I was admittedly a little baffled as to how this could be, but I decided to just enjoy the experience as it unfolds. The reality of fieldwork involves more preparation beforehand than I had realized, which, looking back, makes me feel incredibly naïve.  My professor’s been running all over town meeting with community outreach people, descendents of Clotilda survivors, and of course the lovely people funding the project. When you’re a student in a field school, you never see any of this. The supervisors lead you to the site, hand you a shovel, and say, “Here. Get digging.”

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