It’s that time of the year again

The road to awesome research is paved with millions of rough spots, and it seems that now, the half way point in the fun summer, tends to be the time when some of the difficulties truly unveils themselves and makes life a little bit more interesting for us researchers. The beginning is normally simple–you have a target, you find your direction, off you go. The end, too, is not too bad–you’d have gone far, what you want to accomplish is within reach, just need to do it. But the middle, oh the middle is not so simple. There are always lots of complexities and hardship that you can’t predict.

Right now, for me, I have finished the first stages of my research and starts to ask myself, now what. With the data handy, and with possibilities abound, I need to pick a path and decide on how to further my research.

And when I do make a shortlist of things to do, I realize that they are all quite difficult–not the kind where you must work harder and everything would be fine, but the kind where you have no idea where to start and how to solve it at all. But no matter, I’m sure that like last year, I’ll wake up one morning with the light bulb over my head, and all problems gone! 😀