Saigon Saigon

From the ninth floor of the rooftop bar at the Caravelle hotel, I am treated to a spectacular view of Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve been here over six weeks already and have already learned more than I thought I would. In terms of medicine and HIV, Vietnam is startlingly similar to us and yet remains a world apart. Doctors here earn slightly more than $1000 US dollars a month. Everyone gets an ultrasound because that’s the equipment they have. And, as expected, every treatment prescribed is a strange mix of Western biomedicine and traditional Eastern forms of healing.

I’ve traveled to the Mekong Delta and the beach of Nha Trang,  and am headed to the central highlands of Da Lat this weekend. After that it’s off to Camobdia. With four more weeks to go, I can only guess what will happen next.