Reflections on Guernica

On my last day in Madrid I made a visit to see Guernica to say farewell. As usual, two guards sat on either side of the painting and scolded museum patrons who got too close to the piece or tried to take pictures. During previous visits I was frustrated with the fact that photography is not allowed in the gallery where Guernica is held, especially since the rest of the museum is fair game. This visit I noticed that just outside the gallery, visitors were blatantly taking photographs of Picasso’s masterpiece within view of the guards. I approach one of the guards to ask if this was really allowed and she told me yes, as long as I was outside of Guernica‘s gallery. I asked why and she told me they didn’t want ┬áthe gallery to be full of people taking pictures. At the time this made little sense to me as the entrance to the gallery was now full of people taking pictures, but I accepted her response and quickly found someone to take my picture in front of Guernica.

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