When it rains…

Anyone living in Williamsburg in the summer (or, for that matter, in Bilbao, where this research started) can complete that statement all too well.  I’m normally a huge fan of summer downpours, but not to the extent that I enjoy giving a tour through one.  That, I’ll say, was a bit much.  But because we’ve been short on rain, I know that even if it comes all at once it’s still very much appreciated  by the locals.

Since metaphors seem to be the framework for my postings, you should already know what’s coming now- I’ve recently had a downpouring of information and new sources, as well! The start of July had me emailing frantically, and an unlikely source (the Spanish network for terrorism victims) ultimately put me in touch with Florencio Dominguez, an oft-cited source on ETA’s international ‘relations.’  Sr Dominguez has just written an extremely pertinent book about ETA’s connections in the Americas, which I have ordered. I’ve also exchanged emails with him with several questions. It was somewhat refreshing and affirming to realize that most of the sources or information he suggested I had already accessed or knew of- but does that mean I’ve reached the end of my ‘learnable’ information?

I’ve had responses from few of the organizations or individuals I contacted, but one of the most interesting things to me has been the international nature of this project- despite not having left William and Mary. I’ve been in touch with an organization in Miami, my professors in Bilbao, and the Center for Basque Studies in Reno, Nevada, to name a few. I’m compensating for a complete inability to create hands-on research by seeking as many perspectives as possible.

It’s time now to put together all that I have- though I’m still waiting, of course, on the book from Sr Dominguez! I expect that there will be countless checking of sources for updates as I proceed from here!