After taking a break from my previous project, I have taken on a new area of study.  My research has ultimately led me to a somewhat surprising location: ebay. John Austin suggested I tackle one of his most prized portions of Thorley’s papers, and this is his sketchbook.  The ideas contained within its pages reflect what he believes to be Thorley’s years as director of arts at Chelson China/New Chelsea Porcelain Company.  The sketchbook is comprised of sketches in all stages of refinement, from rough scrawls to refined, nearly finished drawings.  Mr. Austin has already managed to match up much of the works he owns from Thorley’s tenure at Chelson/New Chelsea with sketches from the book, and he is thus led to believe that many of the other sketches must have ended up as works also.

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Range of Reactions

Hey everyone,
            It has been another busy week here at the lab! Two mothers have come in for their day 2 of the study already this week, and one for day 1. The first mother told us that her infant did not like the baby spinach and potatoes, but when she came in the lab for day 2 she ate about 20g more of food! It will be interesting though to look at the video and do a facial analysis and see how many negative facial reactions there were. When we did the temperament procedures with her, she was not upset by any of the tasks. She was extremely happy and content the whole time. On some of the tasks she seemed more interested in me than the toys! The second infant that came in, even though she was in the satiety group, ate the most food of any infant yet. She ate 1 jar and about ¾ of another! I wonder though if that was because she really likes the food, she was very hungry, or because it is important to her mother that she eats until she is very full. Maybe it is even all three! When I did the temperament procedures with her, her responses were pretty much on par with the other infants who have come in. She was content the whole time, except she became a little bit upset after the end of one task. I am really curious to see if the infants’ reactions on the temperament tasks will match up with their mothers’ answers on temperament questionnaire.
            The infant who came in for her day one was interesting to run since she was the youngest baby I’ve done the study with yet. I think her mother was surprised by how much she ate, because I guess normally she doesn’t have a large appetite! I am curious to see how much she eats when she comes back after the home exposure period next week. She became distracted and drowsy during the feed so her way of rejecting the food was much different than I had observed before. Normally infants will turn their head, not open their mouth, or push the spoon away when they are done. I wonder if this was just her feeding style or her level of alertness? I guess I’ll find out next week!

eighty percent of the work is just getting the data ready…

I’ve heard this idea twice in my academic career, once working on a GIS project and once in econometrics class, but you don’t realize how true it is until you sit down with  a pile of data and try to use it.

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The Mental Lexicon

Understanding how words are made and change over time is crucial to understanding how peoples’ understandings and reactions to them may also change over time.

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Another disappointing morning…

Well, I’m officially no longer a fan of sticky end cloning. Granted, there is good news: I got sequences back for 2 more clones, but my cloning from earlier in the week failed. Miserably. Neither of the catalytic domain constructs produced bacterial colonies. Occasionally, there are technical reasons these things don’t work, such as if the protein product is toxic to the bacteria one uses to spin up copies of the plasmid. However, this isn’t the case for my protein, because it’s produced recombinantly by a biotech.

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