3 Weeks, 3 Homes

The final week of what has been a seemingly long and overwhelmingly hot summer in Williamsburg has finally arrived. I am glad to have accomplished my research project goal for the summer in Williamsburg, which was to specialize my research topic enough so that my 3 weeks of fieldwork in China next month can be used most effectively.

But before jumping to that, I am equally excited to be heading home next week to see (and then say goodbye to a week later) family and old friends. This will be a truly awesome week, though I am fairly certain it will fly by.

Two weeks from today I leave Boston for Beijing to embark on a year long journey. I will be completing my summer research before studying at Peking University for the academic year. My research project in August will take me along the Chinese portion of the Silk Route as I make my way towards the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. One item on my research agenda is to visit wind turbine manufacturers and interview staff. Most of the dialogue will be about their company’s development in China’s Western, poorer provinces since the recent (Since 2000) Chinese government renewable energy initiatives. Another equally important aspect of the research is simply making the trip out west to some of the poorer areas in China. Being on the ground and seeing firsthand the existing infrastructure and institutional settings in places such as Xinjiang, Gansu and Inner Mongolia should be a valuable experience for me.



  1. Austin, your project sounds really interesting and you’re lucky to do some cool person to person research on location. Have a great time in China and I hope the flights aren’t too bad!