Fitting boxes into curves

Is it really almost August? It seems so strange to be finishing up research for the summer. We just completed the last of our veg-work last week, and are now working on entering data. I’ve also spent the past few weeks learning how to use Distance, a program which determines the density and size of a population based on detection probability. Our method of point-count sampling has allowed us to generate a relative abundance index, with which we can estimate trends in bird abundance based on detection probability. The program can also be used to account for covariates by examining the effects of different factors, such as habitat type, wind speed, and time of day, on detection probability.

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Linguistic Aspects of NVC

Nonviolent communication faces its own linguistic challenges in what to call itself and how those terms relate to older and current research terms. Confusion between the specific NVC model, non-violent communication as a concept, and other related topics such as conflict resolution, can all create different shadings of words that are interpreted differently. Additionally, the term “violence” is often associated with physical violence rather than recognizing the ability of words to create atmospheres that hurt mentally and can lead to this physical violence. [Read more…]

International Education

Education is my “issue of choice” – if you want to call it that – because in incorporates so many social issues into one. You can’t talk about improving education without addressing community infrastructure (which can affect transportation to and from school), health and hunger (school lunch programs, lack of nutrition at home affecting school performance), social justice (segregation in schools), and a wide array of other socio-economic-political issues. Education is the starting and ending point of many of these dynamics. Schools are the place where an exchange of people and ideas can come together to create a better community; hey are the safe-havens of former war zones. Education is the barrier and the gateway to a better life.

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Study in Microtonality and Lutherie – two

I’ve been carving and assembling over the past few weeks, encountering hurdles which are probably typical for someone new to lutherie. I’ve had to work out kinks in my design, and, on numerous occasions, I’ve approached steps which were just too difficult to perform without tools that I didn’t have. Presently, I’m working on the instrument’s neck, and I have decided that this will be a prototype guitar. I will spare my serious labour and attention for a time when I am well-versed in the field.

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A Step Back

After last week’s monstrous data post, I thought I’d take a break to talk a little about how I got involved in summer research in the first place. I think this is important because, to me, as an underclassman, the whole idea of ‘conducting research’ was shrouded in mystery and confusion.

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