The more the merrier…?

As this summer session of research draws to an end, so is my research….sorta.

Currently I am actually working on…I gonna say 3 different topics at the same time, all loosely related. There is the Facebook network structural analysis, then there is the body sensor mote network, and of course, distributed network algorithm. Need proof that they are all related? Well, they all have the word “network” in them, so they are related. Maybe distant 5th cousins, but still, related. Judging from the fact that research topics can freely associate with other research topics and make lots of little research babies, I predict that August 5th will by no means be the end of my research here at WM, and as a matter of fact, I like it this way.

A note to those who are thinking about doing research, the probability, rate and oddity of this research self-reproduction varies depend on your advisor as well as you own free will; if you don’t want to wonder off into a different topic and stay the course, no one will stop ya and everyone would be quite happy about it. If, however, you are like me and get easily distracted by emerging topics, be ready to actually finish all (well…most) of the topics you decided to pick up on, so that you don’t end up starting 10 research topics and finishing nil. No one (especially yourself) would be very happy about that.


  1. Good advice! It is very easy when doing research to keep branching out until you have way too many ideas for projects. Your Facebook project sounds interesting, how is that going?