presentation at the group meeting

yesterday was our group meeting and it was my turn to present a paper. The one I talked about is” seasonality and persistence and invasion of measles” written in 2007 by Andrew Conlan and Bryan Grenfell. This paper is fairly close to my project because the data set im working on, measle reports from 60 cities in wales and england from 1944 to 1966, is also used in the paper. In addition, the CCS, critical community size, mentioned and analyzed in the paper is helpful for me to divide these data into 6 patches.

Now i start to do my programming. After about 2 weeks of preparation, i have solved most of the problems about the model. The model is going to be a multipatch SEIR model with seasonal forcing. The cities are divided into 6 patches according to their population size and geographic information. There’s also mass action among these 6 patches.