The Challenge of Non-DAC Donors

Foreign Aid, and donor behavior and aid effectiveness in particular, have become big questions in the field of international relations. In addition to the much-studied “established donors”—think traditional powers like the U.S. and Canada, most of Europe, and Japan and Australia—researchers and policymakers are now increasingly looking into “non-traditional,” “non-DAC,” and “emerging donors.”

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Dr. Jane Goodall and I!

An elephant at Murchison Falls National Park

A brief but very exciting update-

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Musings from the field-

Dear everybody,

HELLO! Everything in Uganda is lovely, as always. We’ve recently had some really great days in especially lovely parts of the forest, full of tall buttressed trees with sprawling roots, located next to a part of the river that meanders and babbles through a clearing. The chimps are still tricky to track, but that’s to be expected of a population that’s only semi-habituated. Luckily, the time we do get to spend with them (maybe 2 hours out of a 9 hour day) make the rest of the time completely worth it!

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My life in Uganda!

Hi, everyone! Below is an update that I wrote quite some time ago – unfortunately, internet access here is very limited, and this is the first chance I’ve had to post it. Enjoy!

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