Dr. Jane Goodall and I!

An elephant at Murchison Falls National Park

A brief but very exciting update-

This weekend was my one summer “vacation”. Myself and several other researchers from various field sites in Uganda went on safari in Murchison Falls National Park. It was VERY fun – we saw a LEOPARD, not to mention elephants and giraffes in very close proximity!

Even MORE exciting is that I just spent the afternoon at Sonso, the chimpanzee research site in the Budongo Forest….AND I GOT TO SPEND IT WITH JANE GOODALL, who was there filming a documentary for 60 Minutes!

All the researchers and I sat and chatted with her about various topics in conservation and primatology for about an hour! She then went to film an interview and when she returned we chatted for about another hour and had afternoon tea and took photos.

IT WAS AMAZING, and definitely a highlight of this summer.



  1. Hey Brittany! I can’t believe you got to hang out with Jane Goodall. Also, your project sounds really interesting, and I hope the rest of your summer is awesome. Good luck with your thesis this year!


  2. Brian Joseph Focarino says:


    That’s such amazing news – Jane Goodall, wow.
    I hope that she could provide some insight at least into your topic of primate welfare in captivity, as well as how that relates to those who work with them and their own needs. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your progress. Did the documentary overlap at all in some ways with the type of work you’re trying to accomplish there? Be safe during the rest of your trip and I’ll look forward to catching up with your project later!


  3. Wow that sounds incredibly awesome. My work this summer was fun, but the fact that you got to meet Jane Goodall is so unfair! Also I kept trying to see Leopards when i was in Costa Rica last summer, but no luck.
    But that’s very exciting 🙂

  4. Brittany Fallon says:

    I’m actually not sure what the documentary was about, as it hasn’t aired yet!

  5. Brittany that is so amazing! Afternoon tea with Jane Goodall, talk about a life highlight. I really really want to hear more about all this!