Musings from the field-

Dear everybody,

HELLO! Everything in Uganda is lovely, as always. We’ve recently had some really great days in especially lovely parts of the forest, full of tall buttressed trees with sprawling roots, located next to a part of the river that meanders and babbles through a clearing. The chimps are still tricky to track, but that’s to be expected of a population that’s only semi-habituated. Luckily, the time we do get to spend with them (maybe 2 hours out of a 9 hour day) make the rest of the time completely worth it!

Days spent deep in the forest are always very welcome – it’s currently the little dry season here (As the Ugandans explain it, seasons are divided into four: wet season, dry season, little wet season, and little dry season), and everything is SO DUSTY. I’m positive I’ve consumed enough dirt just from breathing to fill-in the Sunken Garden! We walk to the forest at 6:45 every morning, when the sun is just rising…and holy cow, does the sun know how to rise in Africa! Every day is a brilliant spread of color, ranging anywhere from pale pinks/blues and deep purples to flaming oranges & reds.

Just wanted to give you all an idea of the scenery here. Best wishes!



  1. Brittany, I know very little about Chimps or Uganda or really anything that you’re doing, but, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and the experience sounds amazing. Thanks for the great descriptions of Africa and everything!

  2. Frances Armstrong says:

    Your project sounds really interesting Brittany! I’m jealous. I hope you had luck finding the chimps.

  3. Brittany Fallon says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. It sounds very interesting that you can spend some time with chimps in the forest. Hope you enjoyed your research!