Beautiful May

Blog Post 1  (May)

I am honored to receive this Honors Fellowship for the 2010-2011 academic school year. I have many people to thank already just for getting me started with my Honors Project. First, the Charles Center has been a great resource in guiding me through this process. Working long hours with Lisa Grimes and student-reviewers has helped my project receive a fully funded Honors Fellowship. My research will explore discipline strategies in middle schools, and compare these tactics to the literature on best practices. I am narrowing down my project ideas early in the Honors thesis game, and would advise students to do the same.  The earlier a student has a primary advisor and a concrete topic of interest, the better.

Many students who start this type of research never realize how much paper work is needed for the Protection of Human Subjects Committee. I recommend everyone look at the forms ahead of time to see if going through the Protection of Human Subjects Committee protocol is necessary for their project. In addition, I advise students with a project idea to create a list of people who could possibly help fund them and to talk with them regularly. Once the donor site goes up, it is helpful to already have a list of people who can monetarily support the project. I’m grateful that the Metuchen/Edison Branch of the NAACP volunteered to fully sponsor my research project.

I am also fortunate to have taken classes in the Community studies Department, which actively prepared me to apply for an Honors Fellowship. Through CMST 250 – African-American English, CMST 350- Critical Engagement and Context and CMST 351- Research Methods, I have learned effective observation and interviewing techniques that have played a vital role in my project. I recommend any student with a project in Biology or Social Justice Issues to take a community studies course, in order to learn how to effectively help the community one plans on working with. This adventure has been fun and I am excited to see how the rest of my project will turn out. I hope you all are too!