The Burg in June

Blog Post number 2 (June)

I am excited to work with my primary advisor Dr. Korinek, a Professor of Special Education at the William and Mary School of Education, who will be supervising my thesis. I am also fortunate to work with Dr. Anne Charity Hudley a Professor of Community Studies at The College of William and Mary. She will also be a member on my thesis committee. These two mentors have provided me with a lot of knowledge and insight on my topic, both in theory and practice.

Currently, I am piecing my literature review together on effective discipline techniques used in middle schools. I have been reading extensively on the Comer Models, School-wide Positive Behavior Support Models, and KIPP Models.  I have also been observing different classrooms throughout Williamsburg-James-City-County(W-JCC). Reading literature on effective practices and watching different teachers implement their discipline strategies in a classroom has allowed me to create a wonderful spreadsheet of all the ways discipline plays a role in a given classroom. I am eager to delve into my topic further to see what I will find.

Stay tuned as my research develops!