Last post for the summer

So, there has been a few problems within the enumeration process of the viral particles.

That is to say, I have not YET been able to count them due to some mysterious interactions between vrial particles, heat, DNase, and backgorund flourescence.

Never fear, an experiment is near:

So far I have completed another experiment where a paricular extract from the decay microcosm set was made into slides using two different treatments. Counts will be taken and anylses will be conducted to test these two treatments and another previously conducted treatment.

Also, I will of course be trying a more elaborate experiment involving T4, DNase and its various set-ups with different soils.

So here’s to the beginning of the end. No wait. scratch that, reverse it.

the end of the beginning.

well, something like that.

hugs and phage,

Krysten Corzo