update IV

Summer session is going to end soon but my project is still running. Last week, after all those work done about figuring out what kind of model I am going to use for my project, I finally have it written done. It’s an SEIR model with 6 patches and seasonal forcing.

The integrator I am giong to use is Fortran, but beforehand, since maple has the function to translate more readable maple code into fortran one. I had my model input as maple code first and got the fortran one. There is a total of 24 equations, 4 for every patch.

The work I am doing now is to figure out all many different contact rate I need. There’s definitly one for each patch. But there’s also contacts between different patches that may not be the same as the one as the one within the patch. Also, contact rate from patch A to B can be different from the one from B to A.