Cambodia to Richmond

This week I finished my volunteer work for the summer. I stayed in one classroom at the childcare center for about two weeks and became more familiar with the kids and staff. There are a few stories I would like to tell about the kids, but I know the PHSC rightfully tries to protect vulnerable populations – like children, so I will refrain from doing so. I can say, however, that my headaches were eased by childish humor.

I interviewed one of the staff at the school, and will interview a second member over the phone this week. The first interview helped to clarify the volunteer process at non-profits in the United States, and I am expecting the second to illuminate funding pathways for non-profits. These interviews, along with my experiences, will hopefully abet a quality comparison of similar non-governmental organizations in the United States and Cambodia.

While I gained the most valuable benefits from my research – personal experience, I must make an attempt to share my findings. I will try to accomplish a few things in the results of my research. First, I want to compare volunteerism in educational NGOs in Cambodia and the United States using my experiences and interviews. The second half of my results will discuss the inherent advantages and difficulties of small NGOs, with special attention paid to funding.


  1. Anna Mahalak says:

    Hi Daniel! In doing work with nonprofits in Bosnia, a poorer country where volunteerism is low, I found out that alot of NGO funding has to do with how the state clarifies them as NGO’s. In finishing your researach on the difficulties of small NGO’s, perhaps you could look at how the government determines NGO status (is the process streamlined or corrupt?) And also when you look at volunteerism for NGO’s, focusing on what employers in those countries are looking for in resumes? I found that in the U.S. compared to other countries, a much bigger emphasis is placed on volunteerism because that is what employers will be looking for, rather than in other countries where padding that resume doesn’t do as much to boost your application. Not sure about Cambodia – but something to consider perhaps!