Wrapping up Research

One of the most difficult parts about writing the final report on my project has been there are so many aspects to it! There is the teacher to student communication side, there is student to student, there is linguistics, there is educational policy, there is cultural classroom protocol – all of these tie into what I learned in Bosnia this summer. In my attempts to capsulate my research and experience, I will focus on what will be most helpful to a future teacher/tutor entering a similar classroom setting – one of cultural diversity. I hope this report will be a resource for tutors in the Williamsburg community as well as the future Bosnia Project volunteers.

My report will also summarize a few key points I have gleaned about the Bosnian education system – both the schools and NGO’s that support learning. Schools are where an exchange of ideas can occur to create the next generation of students with cross-cultural ties. This is the first step in building social capital, which can then create political capital and clout with the government. Currently, the Bosnian government is ranked by Freedom House as having a corruption ranking of 4.25 (1 being democratic and 7 the worst corrupt).

In future research, I hope to build on concepts brought up by my current research project, such as – different educational systems/styles (How can personalized learning address individual needs? How can we move past classroom centered learning and move on to student centered learning?) Currently, several U.S. charter schools are addressing these issues such as School of One. The Bosnia Project volunteer aspect as well as the research aspect of my project addresses how to create a new style of learning that allows students to develop as individuals with confidence working in groups and finding new ways of expressing and communicating compassionately.


  1. Hey Anna,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog this summer. I think your topic is extremely important, and I have always been fascinated by the design of education systems since they are so crucial in institution building.

    Anyway, good luck going forward with your research!