It’s been three days since I arrived in Beijing, and it feels nice to be back in the city that I called home last summer and fall. Recently my research has been frustrating, however, which was somewhat expected since things do not always go as according to plan in China. Rail transit is very prominent throughout China, as people pour out of and into cities to and from the countryside several times every year during vacation and holidays. China’s railway stations are not altogether centralized, however, so one cannot (except for a few exceptions) purchase a ticket from Shanghai to Hong Kong in Beijing. Tickets cannot be purchased far in advance either– some routes do not release tickets outside of a week’s timeframe while others are released 10-20 days ahead of departure.

I spent substantial time the first couple of days trying to organize my trip to Western China but was unsuccessful. It has been frustrating to have logistics get in the way of my research, but I am maintaining a positive attitude and hoping to finalize plans within the next couple of days. Fortunately, a substantial portion of my project needs to be done in Beijing where most relevant experts on renewable energy development in China work. More to come.


  1. AAAH I miss China!!! I hope everything works out, logistics wise. Have a great time in Beijing!

  2. Your research sounds very interesting to me who have always wanted to spend some time in China but have never been there.
    Hope you had a good time in China during this summer.