Coming to Summer’s End

As the end of summer quickly approaches, I realize that my time for summer research is coming to a close.  I have read countless articles and done countless runs on the real-time.  Yet, as it goes with research, I am still only in the beginning stages of my research.  As I prepare to go back to William and Mary and start another year of school (senior year), I feel that I need to spend some time creating a document that summarizes all of the things that I have read/learned from lab work this summer.  Then, I will be ready to jump back into research and make more progress during the academic year.   While I am ready to go back to school I still find that I am sad to see the wonderful days of summer fading away.

Thoughts About Russia

Well, I’m back from my time in Russia and I want to spend some time just talking about my experiences there and how it was doing research in a foreign country.  Of course the language barrier was the most difficult to get passed, just figuring out how to get places was a challenge.  Even with the excellent language instruction I have received at William & Mary so far, there was still a great deal I had to get used to in Russian.  Even at my most confident in the language I still struggled with things which could be a bit disheartening.  But, this immersion definitely improved my language skills by forcing me into new situations everyday and it was awesome to be able to see myself progress.

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