Plans for the Semester

As I mentioned in previous posts, research is a continuous project and does not necessarily end with the end of summer session. In fact, my advisor already have scheduled me in with one of his fellow graduate students who’s working on a similar topic, and we will have much to discuss, and have mutually planned several ideas and tweaks for each other’s projects. I wonder what he has in mind for me, and I think….hope that I have found a possible solution to one of his long-standing problems…I hope it works!

But in any case, one of the projects I’m working on right now, most likely the one dealing with smart tag integration into location aware environment to provide off-line location proof service, will become my senior thesis. Therefore, I’ll be digging deeper into the topic and ideally write a intellectually significant paper by the end! Looking ahead, the thesis defends might be fun….or rather, challenging, but there is certainly fun in facing challenges, don’t y’all agree?