Solving Solvency

The quick answer to whether the act was efficacious or not is that, according to my cursory analysis, it has universities have had lukewarm success in bringing about the benchmarks that the state desired.

Most notably, public universities have used their autonomy to increase tuition rates. Such hikes have mainly been used to satisfy benchmarks such as operational efficiencies, diversity of course offerings, and the promotion of student safety.

Academic standards, as measured by such metrics as PBK graduates per year, and retention rates have not changed since the legislation’s inception. Additional research would need to be done to determine whether the legislation can be blamed for such streamlining. Perhaps academic standards and retention rates would’ve dropped without the legislation’s passage.

Ultimately, W&M’s overall financial standing is poor. While its overall ranking is 31, its financial ranking is 114. Thus, finances are one of W&M’s weakest links. Ideas ranging from my public-private-public theory to less jarring ones like online courses and stronger relationships with corporate R&D could ameliorate the issue.

W&M just had a nearly 10% tuition hike. Such leaps can’t—and won’t—happen every year. And when it doesn’t, W&M will need to figure out another way to solve the issue of preserving its solvency.

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