My First Interview

The first interview that I did in Russia was one of the most surreal experiences that I had over there.  First off, setting up the interview was a challenge in its own right.  My interview subject was staying at her summer cottage or dacha, taking care of her granddaughter, so it was quite difficult to find a time when she would be in St. Petersburg.  Next, I had to try my hardest to communicate with her in Russian over the phone.  Not the easiest task when you are learning a language.  Of course when she switched into perfect English on the phone with me I did not feel the greatest about my language skills.

Meeting her was another obstacle, she asked me to meet her at a cafe, but once there the background noise was too great to record an interview.  She told me to follow her outside, and this being her city and country I obliged.  We ended up in a courtyard of an apartment complex.  On one side there was a group of young people eating and drinking, on another side there were two men passed out.  Finally, we decided to sit on some tree stumps amongst some trash to do the interview

This of course was not what I was expecting with my interview, but I must say it was memorable.  I definitely would not have had such an experience elsewhere.  International research provided the opportunity to see the world in many different ways and I am very grateful for that chance.


  1. It is kind of funny how many different perspectives there are of a country, even among its citizens. It is amazing what you can learn about a country, it’s citizens, and your own culture just by observing different lives. I wish that I could have had the opportunity which you had.