The Lab Experience: Summer and Williamsburg

Spending my summer at the college doing research turned out as interesting as I expected it would be. Even though the cold and sometimes freezing basement of Integrated Science Centre at the school was hardly the place one would want to be in the summertime, the  summer lab experience was totally worth it. Working in developmental psychology lab with Fetal Alcohol animals was a good learning experience.  However, there was a lot of carefulness to not let things go wrong and at times there would always be the fear of hurting the animals while intubating the tiny ones. Sometimes it would be unfortunate and some animals would get hurt during intubation, but the there was always the moving on.  Besides the lab work, meeting other people with similar research interests and projects was very interesting as well. Whether they were environmental biology researchers who would go collect ticks in the fields since early in the morning, or fellow researchers working all day long in the chemistry lab,  hearing about each of their projects were  interesting. At the same time, reading about fellow researchers’ blog and their work on diverse topics as witchcraft and linguistics were fascinating.  With two months of working in the lab, taking a class and hanging around at  Yorktown beach on Fridays and the Colonial Williamsburg during the free time with friends, my summer in Williamsburg was a good experience. Even though it’s been just two weeks that I left Williamsburg, I am looking forward to go back in the lab and work on scoring the data to finish my unfinished project this semester!