End of Summer

With only three days left before our first classes, I think we can say with certainty that summer is finally over.  After returning from Prague I wasn’t sure how I would begin living and researching in Williamsburg, but I’m happy to say it turned out to be just fine. Here’s a short and sweet (like summer?) overview of where I’m going from here:

1. Continue reading literature to even more narrowly define my questions

2. Focus more on quantitative analysis–which should make the Quantitative Methods class I’m signed up for very helpful!

3. Begin data collection when ready

Well, since that was a bit dry, here are some lessons I’ve learned about summer research:

1. If your physical research environment is uncomfortable, change it! (I’m looking at you, windowless, 65 degreed basement of Blow Hall)

2. You can never read too much…no matter how much you read

3. Nothing cures a mental block like a puppy