Gothic Vampire Fantasy, Part Two

Gothic Vampire Fantasy Part Two
Disney and the Forces of Darkness
Alright, so in the last blog entry we went a bit into this idea of cultural priming: that we have been enculturated by mass media to understand and fall in love with certain interpretations of masculine dynamics. In this entry, I’ll focus on another force that is present in the lives of most young girls, and primes them to form a love of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries: Disney movies
The book the Encyclopedia of Girl Culture focuses a bit on this phenomena: the love young girls have for Disney. More particularly, it specifies several types of Disney fantasy which have become popular among young people: the Sleeping Beauty Fantasy, the Cinderella Fantasy, the Beauty and the Beast Fantasy.

These three different “girly” fantasies prime young girls for learning three different representations of love. We are taught the savior fantasy, where the handsome prince saves us from everything that is wrong with our lives: the Beauty and the Beast fantasy, where we get the dubious pleasure of taming the “bad boy, the beast, making him love us, and the Sleeping Beauty fantasy, where love literally wakes us with a kiss.

Twilight appeals so much to young women, partly because it mixes these fantasies into one fascinating bundle. The Beauty and the Beast fantasy is obvious: Edward’s dark side, his desire to consume her in a fit of vampiric lust, represents the Beauty and the Beast fantasy. The Cinderella fantasy is represented by Edward’s obvious wealth and the way he will take her away from a dull life of boredom and dullness. And the final fantasy, the fantasy of Sleeping Beauty pertains to both of them: both Edward and Bella live lives empty and bereft of meaning until the day they meet one another. Their lives are literally invigorated, and the two protagonists literally reborn, with the bestowal of a single kiss.

All three of these forces work together to make the modern woman particularly susceptible to the lure of Twilight and the teen vampire Gothic: for after all, what could be more alluring then all your childhood fairy tales wrapped into one?