Project Setup

Hi again, blog readers. Alright, this blog will give you a bit more info on the setup of my project. Particularly, the three main sections that constitute my project, the “subgenres” of teen vampire culture, and explanation of some of the basic information Ive learned about each of them over the course of my studies (more info on the specifics of each will be provided next time).

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Independent Research— Health Inequality

There is a strong connection between socioeconomic status and health. This correlation has been well documented over the past few decades, and health inequalities have been shown to appear early and peak around the time of early old age (late fifties, early sixties). Among the elderly this correlation diminishes, partly because of social policies like Medicare and Social Security and partly because of self-selection (only the healthiest live to advanced ages).

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Research Update 3

Blog 4

Twilight and the Vampire Diaries are two forms of vampire media which have reached the heights of incredible popularity over the last decade. But one of the fundamental questions we must ask ourselves in developing an understand in an understanding of the teen gothic genre is: why? Why have such pervasive fantasies of dark, vampiric love reached such heights of populairty in modern culture?

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August and the USA

AUGUST 20th 2010

I am home now.  Back in the states.  The pace is about a million times faster and a watch is once again a necessity.  Everything is strange and weird, but I hear that fades.  For over seven months Morocco has been my home.  I have friends and family there.  I researched there, I slept there, I ate there, I fell in love there.  Transitioning back to my other home will take some time, but hopefully this too will help my research.  I am starting to think that everything helps your research.  People, field experiences, education, and I might say most importantly life experiences.

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July Backdated Post

JULY 30th 2010

This month is wrapping up.  I’ve thought many times of blogging but have yet been able to synthesize (not to mention log onto the blogging website) all that I have learned.  But the month is drawing to a close and I suppose it is time.

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