June Backdated Post

JUNE 24th 2010

General Observations in the Field

–          Apartment contracts do not exist in the same way in Morocco – do not expect it to work the same as in the states for several reasons:

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Backdated Blogs Intro

I have a lot of backdating blogs to post here.  A note to those researching in Morocco…. You will find problems with internet, connectivity, and loading basic web pages.  Also, pay your credit card bills BEFORE YOU GO.  Your bank will not understand “but it is so hard to find internet in the desert and you know, your webpage just will not load”.  Personal experience laid bare.  So I will in a series of posts post the blogs I have written for each month in the field in Morocco.  Ignore the date of the blog post on here, just look at the top and you will see my own dates.

End of Summer

With only three days left before our first classes, I think we can say with certainty that summer is finally over.  After returning from Prague I wasn’t sure how I would begin living and researching in Williamsburg, but I’m happy to say it turned out to be just fine. Here’s a short and sweet (like summer?) overview of where I’m going from here:

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In Transit


I still have about 6 days to finish my research trip in Western China. While staying in Urumqi, I took a bus route through a few outlying cities north of Urumqi and was able to see firsthand the conditions in which companies try to supply power grid access to renewable energy projects. Being out here has only made me more interested in pursuing my topic and writing a paper on the challenges of wind power development in China’s regions where wind energy potential is the greatest, not only in China but arguably anywhere in the world.

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