So I’m back at William and Mary and back to conducting research in the ordinary lab.   It’s sad not being in the coastal studies center and being able to go out and see the ocean everyday.  There’s no more loud sea water pumps and no more daily collecting of animals.   Back to mixing Insta-Ocean and getting animals shipped to us.

It’s good being back though.  There is more control of variables at our lab and hopefully no lightning can strike it.  I’ve started setting up an experiment to use for my senior thesis this year looking at larval ecology of hybrid sea stars.  Unfortunately, as per usual, things aren’t going to plan.   A chiller broke and I can’t get the conditions right for my treatments.  Also the adult sea stars, which were supposed to arrive Tuesday, still haven’t shipped.  If they don’t come soon they may not still be reproductively active and there is a good chance I’ll have to come up with a new project.  I guess that’s just how research goes though and it will never really be an easy or smooth process.  I’ll figure something out in the end tough and am enjoying the process of research, as frustrating as it may be sometimes.