Women’s Roles in Russia

My research focused on the work of women activists in Russia, but this comprises only a small portion of the women in that country.  Due to the highly patriarchal nature of Russian society, women are often relegated to less prominent positions both socially and professionally.  Never reaching equal footing with their male counterparts.  This is compounded by the paradox that Russian women very often find themselves saddled with a great deal more responsibilities due to abysmally low life expectancy for Russian men.

Women are far more represented in the medical profession than men.  However, this field, which is arguably the most beneficial to society is by no means well paid, meaning more women struggling.

Furthermore, many women not only work full time, but do a majority of the work in rearing children and in other domestic roles.  This again puts a great strain on women and hinders their ability to rise above a lot of the societal blocks in their way to achieving equality.

Learning about women activists in Russia was a very interesting project, but seeing the difficulties that a culture can put in place made me understand the reality facing these activists.  They need to overcome a well entrenched culture that stands in the way of every attempt to improve the lives of women.  It is humbling to see how women must negotiate these issues and rise above them in order to reach the same level as men.